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FAQs & Testimonies

Question:  I see the nutcracker is on back-order. How soon will it be available?


Even though we work all Summer building up our parts inventory, the high demand pushes us further and further behind. So from September through January you'll find the nutcracker on back-order.

We ship by the date the orders are received... first come, first served kind of system. So it behooves you to get your order in sooner rather than later.

It takes over 100 steps to produce one nutcracker. We will do our best to try and get all the orders out in a timely fashion, but without killing ourselves in the process. 

Question:  How well does your #43 nutcracker work with native pecans?


Our nutcracker can crack the native pecans, but we do not recommend purchasing the nutcracker solely for this use. The hard shell is so close to the nutmeats that in the process of cracking, it chews up the meats. That is why we only advertise that it cracks the Domestic pecans.
The disk placement is adjustable. What we recommend is to set it for the largest nuts and the smaller ones that fall through unbroken can then be run through again, after adjusting the disk placement by moving the spacer washers. Perhaps with a gentle rocking motion a person could get these varieties to crack and drop through without grinding the shell into the meats.

Question:  Will your nutcracker work on Hickory Nuts?


While our Davebilt #43 nutcracker can crack a wide variety of nuts,
we do not recommend using it for hickory nuts because some varieties have a thicker shell, with the nut meats so close to the shell, they tend to get ground up, nutmeat and shells together. 

If you have any other nuts, like English walnuts, domestic pecans, almonds, hazelnuts or acorns that you want to process, I'd recommend getting our #43 nutcracker and try it on your hickory nuts also, but don't buy one just for hickory nuts.

Question: Will your Davebilt #43 nutcracker crack Black Walnuts or Macadamia nuts?

No, those are just a tad too hard for the model #43. However, a black walnut/macadamia nut cracker has been in the works for a while. Feel free to contact us to be put on the list of people that are interested.

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